How to achieve Success: Follow the Rules for Investing

Knowing these basic rules for investing will help you to achieve success.

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You cannot earn your way to freedom. You need to invest and make your money work for you.

This is the simple truth that the rich know, and that the poor ignore.

Investing is the way you get free.

I used to be one of those poor people that didn’t really know what the whole investing game was. I should of; I was highly educated and I had the ability to learn and ask questions.

However, it seemed like a scary mystery world, where those in the know got rich and the rest of the poor hopefuls got poorer.

Then I got smart, and about a year ago, with a lot of support and guidance from my lovely wife, we became investors.

Read on to learn our basic rules and see the smart and safe way to begin your mission to success.

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• Unshakeable Part 3 – Overcome Fear and Avoid Mistakes

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What follows are the direct lessons I learned from Tony Robbins’ book Unshakeable. I highly recommend you get yourself a copy. It’s totally worth the investment. Get Unshakeable here.

Part 1

In Part 1, we looked at how to become unshakeable, in both life and investing. The secret is to know the facts. If you know the facts and the potential problems, then you can prepare. By being psychologically, physically, mentally and financially prepared, you can face any problem from a position of strength.

Part 2

In Part 2, we learnt that to be successful in life and investing, is to know the rules and the principles of the game. Our focus was on investing, but it’s the same for life. If you know the core principles of how to win, or you learn them by following successful people, and you apply them, then you will have a great chance of success.

In Part 3, it’s time to become truly unshakeable and put it in to practice. It’s time to overcome the fear and turn crisis into opportunity. Become unshakeable and start truly winning.

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Unshakeable Part 2 – The Rules for Successful Investing

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What follows are the lessons I’ve learned about investing from studying Tony Robbin’s book Unshakeable. All credit goes to Tony and I recommend you all go out and get a copy.

I’m studying this because investing is part of my plan for success. I’m sharing it to help those who were like me; people who dream of achieving great success but are unaware or too scared to risk seeking the financial rewards of investing.

My goal is to become unshakeable and to achieve the level of confidence that will allow me to be master of my financial, physical and emotional life.

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How to be a Success: Become Unshakeable (Part 1)

What I Learned from Tony Robbin’s book Unshakeable.

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The road to becoming a success is pathed with anxious moments.

To be successful you need to deal with risk. You need to risk your money to investments. Or you have to take chances on business deals. You will also most likely risk standing out from those around you and risk your lifestyle by putting in more and more time into the things that you hope will pay off.

The only way to be ready for the stress that comes with these huge risks and to stay on the right path to success, is to become unshakeable.

The book focuses on stock investing. And as a key part of my plan to achieve success is investing, (and it probably should be for you too), it’s an extremely valuable concept to learn.

However, while the book is mostly concerned with stock market investing, the concept of being unshakeable is applicable to all areas of life.

Being unshakeable basically means having the strength not to give into fear.

It means having the knowledge to act with reason, even when you are dealing with risky situations.

Unshakeable means having the faith and vision to persevere with your goals and not to be stopped by failure of halted by fear.

Read on to see how to become successful by becoming unshakeable.

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How to Achieve Financial Freedom Through Investing

To be truly successful: to be free to do what you want, to live where you want, go where you want and have what you want, you need to start investing to become financially free.

In order to be financially free, in charge of your life and your time, you need to be the boss of your own profitable business or you need to set up passive revenue streams that will bring in enough money to live on.

Entrepreneur vs Investor

In order to be your own boss you need to work incredibly hard and have a great idea.

In the beginning, most of us probably don’t have that great idea all figured out yet and most of us probably aren’t in the position to give up our regular paying jobs. I know I’m not ready to jump all in and risk everything.

Even for those who do have that great idea brewing away, it’s important to remember:

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.

So, while it’s a great way to financial freedom, starting your own business is perhaps not the best place to start. From my own perspective, it’s something I aspire to do, but it’s something I need to prepare a lot more for.

On the other hand, developing a passive income stream through investing is a much easier proposition. By investing your disposable income, you have the potential to free yourself and build a base that will help you to develop your own business in the future.

So, to begin with, my fiancée and I decided to become financially free and that our best course of action would be to start with investing.

Read on to learn how to become financially free through investing.

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How to Invest with Purpose: 5 Big Lessons I Learned About Investing Time and Money

When I first started out on this journey to success, I learned that one of the key habits of very successful people was reading – a lot of reading. I had a lot to learn, so I began to do a lot of reading.

The very first book I bought was Investing with Purpose, by Mark Aardsma. This book taught me a lot about investing, but more importantly, it taught me about living with purpose and investing so I can achieve the kind of life I want.

The big lessons I learnt were:

  1. Remember the Big Picture
  2. Be aware of your resources. 
  3. Become the master of time.
  4. Chose investment over consumption
  5. Understand ROI.

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How to Respond to Failure So You Can Keep Chasing Success

Or how I smiled while losing $10,000.

How can you lose money and still feel like a winner?

It’s strange I know, but when you are really in control of your feelings and you have the right plans and motivations, you don’t react so drastically to things.

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments of fear, doubt, anger and pain. For us $10,000 is a huge amount of money. But no amount of money is worth giving up my connection with my partner. A small slip is not worth giving up a whole bright future. If you let loses get you down, they only take away from your future wins.

The way to respond is to take a breath, take stock of what’s important, remind yourself of your long term goals and prepare to fight to get it back and get back on track for the future you want.

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