How to Live as Rich as a Millionaire

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Do you wan’t to be a millionaire?

Of course! Unless you’d rather be a billionaire… but either way, I’m guessing we all want to be filthy rich; free to do whatever we want, go wherever we want, have it all and feel like kings and queens.

However, how many of us actually have that level of wealth?

I know I don’t.

I’m planning on getting there, but for now I’m an average work-a-day Joe, who has to slave away like the rest for a slice of the averagely ok life.

But when I think about it, there’s some important realities that allow us to see things in a whole different light.

Millionaire Questions:

Who would give up their legs for a million dollars?

(Not me!)

Who would give up their arms for a million dollars?

(No way!)

Would you give up your eyes for millions of dollars?

(I don’t even like thinking about that.)

What about friends? Family? Clean air?

What would you give up to be a millionaire?

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Achieve Success through Affirmations

Last year my wife and I started out on a mission to find success in life. We started simple and very soon we had a whole lot of goals and plans underway. We started a study of success and pretty soon we came across the idea of affirmations.

Affirmations are a way to help you envision the life you want and to keep you inspired and on track to chase it down.

Read on to learn more about how affirmations can help you.

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How to be a Success: Get More Energy

Featured image byMarion Michele.

Energy is a vital element of life. But it’s not something we really learn about or think about on a regular basis. I know for many years, I just woke up tired, knew I was doing some bad things for my body and lived with.

Then I noticed a lot of the people I’ve been studying, big name people like Tony Robbins, always seem full of energy. They always seem positive and going at a high level of intensity. And I know, I for one, can’t match that level of intensity. Not even at my best moments.

So I decided, it’s time to focus on energy and learn how to live in an energy rich state.

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How to be a success: Live Happy

Featured image by Preslie Hirsch.

The true measure of success is not in wealth or material possessions. True wealth comes from living in a happy state. We are only truly successful when we spend our time in a place of joy and happiness. And while money helps, it’s true, money can’t buy you love. To have true wealth and feel really successful, you need to spend your time in a positive state.

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How to Achieve Success – Get Healthy

You can’t be successful without being healthy.

Success is living every day in a beautiful state; to feel you are living a life that is inspired, empowered, enlightened and passionate.

When we are healthy, or working towards being healthy, our body is becoming cleaner, stronger, more flexible, more capable and more powerful. When we feel these good feelings we are able to take on life with confidence, adapt to challenges and find a way to achieve success.

If you want success, you must find health.

Read on to learn more about health and success.

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How to Plan for Success

If you want success in anything: money, business, relationships, health and/or happiness, you need a plan. Here’s how to plan for real success!

True success is not possible without a plan!

In order to achieve success you need to know what success is to you. You need to know who you are, what you want, what you are capable of, what you are passionate about and how you are going to get there.

All of these insights I have learned from my own life. However, most recently I have discovered a host of great mentors in the field of behavior psychology and motivational speaking. Inspired by these people and my own life experiences I have formulated my own path to success. I want to share this and hopefully you can follow along and develop your own plan for success.

Simply, in order to maintain my focus and achieve what I see as success, I go through the following plan.

  1. Acknowledge Problems
  2. Envision Success
  3. Develop Motivation
  4. Implement Discipline
  5. Celebrate Regularly

These are my catchphrases for what is essentially a universal plan for success.

This plan is no different to the plans of all the other experts.

It makes sense, it works and it can make life better for me, you and the entire human race.

I absolutely believe this, and this is why I want to share this program and my story with you today.

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