How to Achieve Success: Write a Business Plan

How to write a successful business plan.

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Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to be in full control of your time and direct your energies into something that is all yours? Here’s how to write the business plan.

I believe starting your own business is a key step in achieving ultimate success, especially in the advanced knowledge economy that is evolving now.

So how do we start a business?

First, find your mission:

You need to find your calling, the thing you will want to do even when everything seems too hard. Because it will get hard.

There are many ways to look at starting a business but I believe we need to start with an idea of what we want to do.

As Robert R. Covey says, “When you can give yourself to work that brings together a need, your talent, and your passion, power will be unlocked.”

(Covey 2005, Pg. 77)

So if you haven’t worked out what business you want yet, please go to How to chose a Business than can Bring you Success. Hopefully you can find what you want to do and what you can contribute.

Why Write a Business Plan

A business plan is basically a map to what you intend to do.

It lays out your thoughts and ideas. It forces you to consider the important areas that every business needs to consider. And it helps to solidify the idea into a tangible thing that can be communicated to other people; potential partners, investors, bankers, friends, whoever wants to know exactly what it is you want to do.


Read on to find out more.

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Follow your Passion and Find Your Voice

Follow your passion, find your voice and achieve success.

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The following is based on the lessons I learned from Stephen R. Covey’s the 8th Habit. This book is all about finding your voice, or basically finding your passion, and learning how to follow it towards living an ultimately success life.

Stephen R. Covey is the famous author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you haven’t read it yet, check out my brief study of these 7 Habits, here. (Or get a copy of your own here.)

The 8th Habit takes it all to the next level and is all about finding your voice, or basically finding your passion, and learning how to follow it towards living an ultimately success life.

Here is my contemplation of the 8th Habit. Read on to learn all about finding your voice and learning how to follow your passion to have a life that really matters.

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How to be a Success: Master Networking

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One of the many skills that is needed for success in the world is networking. Our ability to create working relationships with other people, and within organisations of people, is essential for our success, not only in business but in our everyday activities.

However, networking is not something that comes naturally to everyone. I know, I for one am absolutely terrible at networking. I don’t like ‘bothering’ people and I don’t like having a list of contacts that I feel pressured to maintain. I like to do things on my own and feel the freedom of being self-reliant. However, lately I’m starting to see that I need people around me and I need people to help me.

Here’s the initial lessons I’ve learned on how to be a successful networker and how to network your way to success.

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How to Choose a Business that can bring you Success

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Businesses fail at a high rate. We’ve all heard the hard to believe statistics. However, people take on the challenge to defy these staggering odds all the time. So, how do you choose a business that has a chance of winning?

Why start a business to begin with?

We start businesses because we want to be our own boss. Or we want to create something. Or we know it is the only way we will get life satisfaction.

At the end of the day, I think we look to build a business for two reasons.

Firstly, we want to build the type of work place we dream about and do the type of work we want to do, so that we ‘never work a day in our lives’. We dream of creating a machine that lets us live the inspirational life of being innovative pioneers and entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, we build a business because we look to make as much money as we can, so that we can live like kings and queens and do whatever we want.

The dangers

Whichever way motivates the innovative entrepreneur, it is still a risky and incredibly tough road from initial decision, to taking on the challenges, to the eventual moment of business success.

Given these difficulties, how do we chose a business right for us?

How do we take on the challenge, and ensure we are on the right path and have a fighting chance of success?

There may be no definitive answer, but read on to find out my study of the subject and the path I’ve chosen to follow going forward.

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How to be a Success: Have Successful Habits

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Successful people have winning habits, tried models of behaviour that ensure they win the small battles that add up to a lifetime of success.

I have begun to develop some great rituals and habits that are already beginning to transform my life. From eating well to doing daily visualisations, I have developed rituals that help me stay focussed and ensure I seek success.

Encouraged by the success of these habits, I was drawn to study Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I recommend everyone go out and get a copy of this highly enlightening book. The following clips were also very helpful in gaining a quick understanding of the 7 Habits. 1) THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE … and 2) Version 2.

Read on to learn how successful habits can have a huge impact on your effectiveness.

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How to be a Success: How to hire employees

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The key to financial freedom, to becoming more influential and to scaling to the point where you can be super successful is by leveraging your time. The way you do this is to hire people to do your work for you.

This isn’t easy. How do you hire people who will successfully transfer your vision, your goals and your brand into the world?

Here’s an introduction to some of the factors to consider when considering to hire your first employee.

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How to get Rich: What I learned from Rich Dad

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I used to think that the biggest problem with the world was that the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. However, I’m starting to learn that the difference between being rich and poor comes down to a couple of key things. Those things are knowledge and attitude.

With the right knowledge and attitude it’s possible to go from poor to extremely wealthy.

But it takes education. The kind of education we don’t teach kids in school.

The need for financial education sparked my desire to learn these lessons and to teach others.

Here’s what I learned from reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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How to Achieve Success: Success with Tony’s 4 S’s

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As I start this post, I realise that I have never really defined success.

I guess I should have a whole post outlining what success is. However, I feel success is different for everyone.

Success is simply achieving those things that will bring fulfilment to you and your life.

It will be different for everyone, but once you achieve fulfilment in your life, you will feel truly successful.

This definition of success I got from a truly inspirational mentor: Tony Robbins. Today I will cover the 4 things that he taught me that really made a huge difference in my mission for success.
I like to call them Tony’s 4 S’s to success:

– Story
– State
– Strategy
– Standards

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How to be a success: 5 things I learned from Donald Trump

ve him or hate him, you have to admit Donald J Trump is hugely successful. He has built an empire, spread his name all over the world and against many odds was elected the president of the United States of America.

I don’t necessary agree Trump’s personality, his politics or his way of going about things. Actually, in many ways I disagree strongly, but I have to admit that Donald Trump has helped me learn a few invaluable lessons, and for that I must be grateful.

Read on to learn the valuable lessons I learnt from Donald J. Trump.

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How to be a Success by Mastering the art of Sales

Being a teacher, sales is not my area of expertise. However, after a brief study of the subject I quickly learned the catch phrase: ‘Sales are everything’. Now, I don’t know if I’d go to that extreme, but selling is something we as humans do all the time.

As a teacher, I sell students ideas and concepts all the time. In fact, we as a society sell each other ideas all the time. Not only that, but we sell ourselves. We sell ourselves as employees, we sell ourselves as a mate and we sell ourselves as friends. Then depending on our career, we may sell a product or a service, or our ideas to influence others.

Therefore, sales is a vital skill. One that schools don’t always teach to a high level.

Many schools do cover elements of selling. In English class, you may remember studying advertising; maybe you critiqued ad’s, or maybe you analysed persuasion, or maybe you even creatively made an advertising campaign for a product.

However, sales go much deeper than this.

It is a vital skill that should be part of the school curriculum – especially for students whose dreams and passions are to be successful in the business, social, political … well in any area of the modern world.

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