How to be a Success: Master Networking

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One of the many skills that is needed for success in the world is networking. Our ability to create working relationships with other people, and within organisations of people, is essential for our success, not only in business but in our everyday activities.

However, networking is not something that comes naturally to everyone. I know, I for one am absolutely terrible at networking. I don’t like ‘bothering’ people and I don’t like having a list of contacts that I feel pressured to maintain. I like to do things on my own and feel the freedom of being self-reliant. However, lately I’m starting to see that I need people around me and I need people to help me.

Here’s the initial lessons I’ve learned on how to be a successful networker and how to network your way to success.

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How to be a Success: How to hire employees

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The key to financial freedom, to becoming more influential and to scaling to the point where you can be super successful is by leveraging your time. The way you do this is to hire people to do your work for you.

This isn’t easy. How do you hire people who will successfully transfer your vision, your goals and your brand into the world?

Here’s an introduction to some of the factors to consider when considering to hire your first employee.

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How to be a Success by Mastering the art of Sales

Being a teacher, sales is not my area of expertise. However, after a brief study of the subject I quickly learned the catch phrase: ‘Sales are everything’. Now, I don’t know if I’d go to that extreme, but selling is something we as humans do all the time.

As a teacher, I sell students ideas and concepts all the time. In fact, we as a society sell each other ideas all the time. Not only that, but we sell ourselves. We sell ourselves as employees, we sell ourselves as a mate and we sell ourselves as friends. Then depending on our career, we may sell a product or a service, or our ideas to influence others.

Therefore, sales is a vital skill. One that schools don’t always teach to a high level.

Many schools do cover elements of selling. In English class, you may remember studying advertising; maybe you critiqued ad’s, or maybe you analysed persuasion, or maybe you even creatively made an advertising campaign for a product.

However, sales go much deeper than this.

It is a vital skill that should be part of the school curriculum – especially for students whose dreams and passions are to be successful in the business, social, political … well in any area of the modern world.

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How to Prepare for the Future and Develop the Skills You Need

No one knows what the future will be like.

Some people are very positive about the great things that will come. Great technological breakthroughs are already changing our world. Many look on and wonder at the great new inventions and evolutions that could make life so much easier. 

However, for many the future looks grim. Many look on in fear as technologies steal jobs, as national boundaries disappear and as ways of life are challenged every day.

Whichever way you look at the future, to be successful you will need to plan for what it might look like and be prepared.

Read on to find out more.

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