How to be a Success: Become Unshakeable (Part 1)

What I Learned from Tony Robbin’s book Unshakeable.

Featured image by Sammie Vasquez

The road to becoming a success is pathed with anxious moments.

To be successful you need to deal with risk. You need to risk your money to investments. Or you have to take chances on business deals. You will also most likely risk standing out from those around you and risk your lifestyle by putting in more and more time into the things that you hope will pay off.

The only way to be ready for the stress that comes with these huge risks and to stay on the right path to success, is to become unshakeable.

The book focuses on stock investing. And as a key part of my plan to achieve success is investing, (and it probably should be for you too), it’s an extremely valuable concept to learn.

However, while the book is mostly concerned with stock market investing, the concept of being unshakeable is applicable to all areas of life.

Being unshakeable basically means having the strength not to give into fear.

It means having the knowledge to act with reason, even when you are dealing with risky situations.

Unshakeable means having the faith and vision to persevere with your goals and not to be stopped by failure of halted by fear.

Read on to see how to become successful by becoming unshakeable.

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